This past weekend we traveled with a toddler in tow for a family wedding. Coincidentally, it was around this same time last year that we traveled with an infant for the first time. For our trip then, we all fared well enough sharing a room with a portable crib. It wasn’t until a family vacation this past summer however, that we realized Lena had outgrown the portable crib. Now with a toddler, we needed an alternative sleeping arrangement for our stay away from home. Enter the DockATot dock, a multi-functional lounger and co-sleeper.

From packing to unpacking, the DockATot was much easier to transport when compared to the portable crib. The dock, weighing just over five pounds without packaging, is much lighter than the nearly twenty pound portable crib we own. Not only is it lightweight but the On The Go Transport Bag (shown here in Midnight Teal) made traveling with the “tot” a breeze.

Our sleeping arrangement while traveling with a toddler this go around? One king sized bed and one grand sized DockATot. I was previously a little apprehensive about sharing a bed with the little one but the DockATot Grand Dock eased any concern I had by providing a comfortable sleeping space for us all. I slept more soundly knowing that our tot was nestled safely within the dock - thanks to the plush, cocoon-like design with built-in, air permeable sides.

In addition to co-sleeping, we found it helpful as a lounger Lena could play in while getting ready in the hotel room. In the morning, she would entertain herself with toys and books all the while snacking on Cheerios from the dock. Any product with a multi-purpose design is a win-win in my book.

Finally, as a mom I have become more conscious about not only the ingredients in the foods that we eat but also the materials in the everyday items we use. Because the DockATot dock is made of washable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials, I felt even more confident in not only using it while we traveled but also using it everyday while at home too! Lena has loved the dock so much that she regularly lounges in it while watching any one of her favorite movies. Plus, the added bonus for us will be having it to prepare for our next transition from the crib to the big kid bed.

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