The Story of You: Lena's Baby Book


I once read that every picture tells a story. For me, my daughter’s story is one I want to remember always. Since the moment she was born, I’ve become acutely aware of how quickly time passes. How these moments are fleeting. And how I want to preserve these memories for as long as I possibly can. Thankfully, the ever popular photo sharing application, Instagram, allowed me to easily document many of our precious, fleeting moments from the past 15 months. And now, I have easily collected these memories within the most beautifully designed baby book by Artifact Uprising.

"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone." - Katie Thurmes, Co-Founder of Artifact Uprising 

We live in a day and age where storing photos requires less (physical) space. We can now easily capture and carry our images within a device small enough to fit our pocket, which is very different from how I grew up. I remember the days where I would sit on my living room floor, flipping the pages to family photo albums filled with little square shaped memories captured by the then popular Polaroid camera. I can still smell both the glue and the plastic covering from the self adhesive sheets within. Call me old fashioned, or I’d like to think nostalgic, but I much prefer physical prints over that digital device. 

It’s no surprise then that after stumbling upon the company, Artifact Uprising, I immediately ordered a set of the square prints using the photos I’ve shared through Instagram. Branded as “off your device, into your life”, this set easily converted digital squares from my little insta-space into high quality prints, complete with a textured matte finish.

Off your device, into your life.™

I wanted an album to not only store the prints but that would also be the perfect keepsake for other sentimental items I held on to, including ultrasounds, cards etc. The coordinating baby book by the same company is just that. Featuring a premium fabric cover from four color combos with an embossed title, “Here Begins the Story of You”, this photo journal transformed those little square prints into an heirloom quality keepsake that beautifully tells the story of my daughter’s first year.

The “Story of You” baby book follows a month-by-month format for the first 12 months but with open ended prompts that allowed me to easily narrate my daughter's story. Also included: an envelope insert for storing congratulatory cards from family and friends, templates designed for letters to your little one, a pen, and small adhesive strips for securing the prints. It was such a special experience putting this baby book together with Lena and I look forward to the day where she will be sitting on the living room floor, flipping through the pages of her story.

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Shared in partnership with Artifact Uprising. All content and opinions are my own.