Counting the days to Christmas has me mostly counting my blessings. Every year as the holiday approaches I think more about gifts that aren’t found under the tree. And the older I get, I think about the greatest gift of all: time. Time with my family and my friends. It’s true what is said, time is a thief, such a thief, and forever fleeting.

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with capturing all the moments in time and particularly our moments as a family. Like many, our holiday tradition includes family photos to document our time together. This year, I ran across a post for mini film sessions from a favorite photographer turned friend, Sarah Street Photography. We had the honor of working with Sarah when I was pregnant with Lena and it felt a little nostalgic to return in front of her lens again.

“We take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” — Katie Thurmes, The Stories We Tell

Every year when asked what I want for Christmas, I can honestly say that I have everything I could ever want. That every day is a gift and I’m forever grateful for it.