Twenty months young and four months shy of the big T W O, which I am so not ready for! Speaking of two, I'm fairly certain we can all just agree this "terrible twos" period starts well before two years of age. We have been experiencing our fair share of toddler tantrums and meltdowns for months now. Who knew pajama bottoms were so important and that taking them off to change your soaking wet, 20 lb. dipe would be so devastating? Or that having mom remove the wrapper from your cheese stick would be the end of the world. Yet despite those more challenging moments of parenting, this really is such a fun, exciting age.

Lena is quite the girl on the go lately and we usually prefer to venture outdoors on our weekends, yet needed a safer area for her to play inside when the weather doesn't cooperate. So, we recently rearranged our living space to better suit her active nature (read: more open space to prevent trips/falls while she runs, dances, and climbs everywhere).

For the most part, we try to keep the indoor toys to a minimum. Since Lena was born and in these past twenty months I've turned to decluttering our home and simplifying our life. I am more intentional about our buying habits and I choose to invest in more classic, gender neutral and/or sustainable toys. This cow Wheely Bug - I purchased from Amazon but also found online at Kohls here - has become her latest obsession but also promotes those gross motor skills needed for running, dancing, and climbing everywhere. Some of her other favorite toys include dolls from Hazel Village, wooden stack toy from Little Sapling Toys, along with this Slice & Bake Cookie Set and Cutting Fruit Set from Melissa & Doug.

In addition to running around, climbing and play time, Lena has a strong appreciation of music and more specifically - dancing to it. Some of her current favorites include Shake It Off (probably because I listened to Taylor Swift all. the. time when I was pregnant with her) and Something Just Like This by the Chainsmokers.

We are soaking up this stage, embracing all the tantrums (ok maybe not all) because this time is truly fleeting and we will soon have a TWO year old running around. 

I've received questions about where to find our chair, stools, and play kitchen so I've linked everything below!

Lena's Play Kitchen: IKEA // Chair: Target // Stools: IKEA // Throw Pillow: Mae Woven // Lena's Onesie: Kid + Kind // Lena's Bow: Fourth + Pierce



There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing a delicious meal with family and friends. And for that very reason, Thanksgiving might just be my favorite holiday. This year, because of travel plans following the holiday, we are preparing to host Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in our home. Also because of travel plans following the holiday, I needed a no muss, no fuss dinner set up that would be an easy clean up (especially with a toddler on the loose) and allow us to enjoy more time with our family.

My mom hack for an easy dinner clean up? Disposable (gasp) plates and utensils. I repurposed disposable bamboo plates, made by the aptly named brand, Bambu, and gold plastic utensils, both from Lena’s birthday party last summer. Not only are the plates an environmentally friendly alternative but they offer a more elegant display at the table when compared to traditional disposable options.

Much of everything else for our table set up was repurposed. Rosemary and a little pampas grass from our own garden, little mercury glass votives we typically use for year round decor at the dinner table, and then gold chargers borrowed from my mama. The chargers were originally from Pottery Barn years ago but a similar style can be found from Michaels for only $1 each here.

Finally, my easy clean up set up was made complete with a tablecloth designed from one of my personal most trusted brands, Gathre. We have and continue to use several mats by this brand, everything from diaper changing to play, and now dining! Plus, you can get 25% off mats from their site now for their Black Friday sale!

Get: disposable plates from Bambu here // tablecloth mat from Gathre here // letter board from Letterfolk here