Bee-witched DIY Halloween Costumes

For Lena's Halloween costume this year, I was inspired by her favorite movie: The Bee Movie. The costume is so fitting for her because I think she's sweeter than honey. Naturally, I thought of a variety of costume ideas for myself to coordinate with...beekeeper, flower, bear, etc. Instead, I prepared a "punnier" pair of costumes: bee-witched!

I prefer handmade costumes over the packaged, store bought versions. However, not only am I pressed for time these days, but I also find myself waiting until the eleventh hour for almost everything. Bee-hold the easy do-it-yourself bee costume. All it takes are the following: one wire hanger and one pair of black pantyhose (for the wings), one black baby headband and black pipe cleaners (for the antennas), and one yellow(ish) cardigan/sweater/etc. (for the body).

I found the cardigan from Old Navy here and in order to repurpose it beyond Halloween, I adhered strips of black grosgrain ribbon to it using a temporary hem tape (here).

For the wings, I manipulated the ends of a spare wire hanger so that it was more rounded. I then pulled the bottom up and over the top hook to form two separate wings. Using one of my husband's tools, I removed the excess hook and taped off the center for safety. I cut the footed ends of the pantyhose and pulled them over each wing before securing it with excess ribbon.

Like the cardigan, I found a black velvet headband from Old Navy here. I twisted black pipe cleaners around it to form the antennas. Finally to coordinate my costume, I repurposed items from my closet and "topped" it off with a little witch hat I picked up at our trusted Target.