A Year of Firsts: Bridal Shower Gift


Fall is increasingly becoming a popular time for weddings. In fact, the hubs and I are preparing for four weddings this season, one of which will be celebrating the union of his youngest brother and our soon to be sister-in-law. Admittedly, I often struggle with the (bridal or wedding) shower gift registry because the sentimental side of me seeks a more personal gift. There was no exception to this for my sweet, soon to be sis-in-law's bridal shower.


For me, every year of marriage is my favorite; yet, there was something so extra special about the first. I was originally inspired by the champagne glasses on the couple's registry and planned to combine them with a nice bottle of champagne to use for celebrating their first wedding anniversary. While exploring the idea with my trusted friend, Google, I stumbled upon another - a "basket of wine for those special moments in time".


I inquired with the groom-to-be about the couple's wine preferences and combined their favorites with hand lettered tags for a variety of "first" experiences as husband and wife. I also hand lettered little messages about each experience on the back of the tags.


Coincidentally, the couple registered for storage baskets; so, I purchased one for their gift and added the above mentioned champagne glasses with a wine accessory from their registry. I completed the gift with a little reusable slate plaque, reading "A Year of Firsts" and attached it to the basket.


Looking for gift ideas this wedding season? I find it helpful to not only purchase from the registry but to get inspired by it. And if all else fails, here's an idea that is sure to please both the groom and bride-to-be! For a nonalcoholic version, try substituting the wine bottles with candles for a similar effect.

Get: basket from Target here // slate plaque from Michaels here // tags from Amazon here