Our busy bee of a toddler is on the move everywhere throughout the house and leaving no room unturned. One room in particular, aptly dubbed the “catch-all” room, literally catches all...of her toys. This room is the most central area to our home and therefore also the most trafficked. I originally hesitated when considering the idea of a rug for it until I discovered area rugs from Lorena Canals that are designed to be magical, I mean machine-washable (yes, you read that right). For mamas to messy toddlers, this was like finding a real life magic carpet, or better yet the unicorn to all area rugs!

The flooring in our home is made up entirely of hardwood and tile, which is perfect for cleaning up after a toddler and yet not the most ideal surface for play. Thus, having a rug that was not only durable but incredibly soft made playtime more comfortable for everyone, including the mama that would be cleaning up after.

Every rug from Lorena Canals is not only eco-friendly but also individually handmade using 100% natural cotton and non-toxic dyes. So I feel more confident about providing a safe, soft surface for my little one to roll around on.

One of my favorite features about this rug, other than the obvious machine-washable design, is that it is kid-friendly but without sacrificing style. Available in several sizes and gorgeous styles, these rugs are perfect for any room in the house. This Bereber Beige design seamlessly coordinates with much of the neutral, minimalist decor in our home but I also love many other styles and have listed some of my favorites below.

Additionally, because this rug is lighter weight than many other traditional area rugs, it can easily be transferred throughout the house. Having it coordinate with any room in our home was an added bonus!

Lightweight, soft, and durable, this rug not only provides the perfect place for our little one to play but is the answer to this cleaning mama’s prayers. No longer do I worry about the snacks around the house or the inevitable crumbs that get dropped on the floor. Additionally, this brand offers coordinating cushions, throw blankets, and baskets...all machine-washable. Everything you need to create both a comfortable and clean space with little ones on the loose. Find out more about Lorena Canals here!

More Styles:

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