Photo by:  Shannon Moffit

Photo by: Shannon Moffit


Hi! I'm Nikki, author/designer behind House Of Flourish, a lifestyle journal influenced by my hand lettering hobby and documenting the art of balancing marriage, motherhood, with everything in between. I am a full time working mama + wife making the most of life with my family.

In calligraphy, to flourish is to embellish script with sweeping curves or lines. House Of Flourish was born not only from my love of the lettering art but also my desire to grow (flourish) in the creative space. I have been passionate about handwriting for as long as I can remember and it was in recent years, after hand lettering the chalkboard menu for a dear friend's wedding, that I picked up this little hobby of mine.

I began this venture with the coaching of talented professionals in the local wedding industry, shortly before discovering that I was pregnant with my daughter. Between working full time and the exhaustion of my pregnancy (followed by adjusting to life as a new mom) I found myself with little time for my hobby, much less myself. I'm now making small changes toward better balancing my time and documenting my journey along the way.